Use the Cortex XDR Interface

Get started with the Cortex XDR interface.
Before you can get started with Cortex XDR, you must Set Up Cortex XDR Apps and Related Services.
Cortex XDR provides an easy-to-use interface that you can access from the Cortex hub. The first time you log in to the Cortex XDR app, you see the Incidents Dashboard. The next time you log in, the app displays the Incidents table as the first page, however you can return to the dashboard from the
menu at any time.
In addition to the Incidents pages, and depending on your assigned role, you can explore and the following areas in the app.
1. Incidents
From the
menu you can view and investigate incidents from the dashboard and incidents table, and view alert exclusions.
  • Dashboard
    —Provides an overview of the incidents prioritized by severity
  • Incidents
    —Lists all incidents in the app.
  • Alert Exclusions
    —List all alert exclusion policies.
2. Investigation
From the
menu you can investigate a lead or hunt for threats. You can access the
Query Builder
to search logs from your Palo Alto Networks sensors, or the
Query Center
to view the status of all queries, and
Scheduled Queries
to view the status and modify the frequency of reoccurring queries.
3. Rules
From the
menu you can create new rules to help improve your security posture. As you investigate and research threats and uncover specific indicators and behaviors associated with a threat, you can create rules to detect and alert you when the behavior occurs.
4. Response
From the
menu you can take action to respond to threats. You can open a
Live Terminal
connection to an endpoint to investigate processes and files locally and can add malicious domains and IP addresses to an external dynamic list (
) enforceable on your Palo Alto Networks firewall.
5. Settings and management
From the gear icon, you can view a log of actions initiated by Cortex XDR analysts, configure Cortex XDR settings to integrate with other apps and services, and manage settings for the analytics engine.
6. Notifications
View Cortex XDR notifications such as when a query completes.
7. User
User who is logged into the Cortex XDR app and additional information about the app including EDR log data retention.
The following topics describe additional management actions you can perform on page results:

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