Initiate a Live Terminal Session

Access a remote endpoint through the Live Terminal.
To investigate and respond to alerts, you can use the
Live Terminal
to initiate a remote connection to an endpoint. Cortex XDR establishes a connection on Windows endpoints using either the Traps agent or a Pathfinder VM using an RCP connection.
The endpoint must be monitored by Pathfinder or Traps and run Windows 7 SP1 or higher to establish a live terminal session. Pathfinder installs an agent on the endpoint that deletes itself after the remote session closes. If the endpoint is monitored by both Pathfinder and Traps, the Cortex XDR app uses the Traps Live Terminal to establish a remote connection (and does not use Pathfinder).
All actions taken from the Live Terminal are logged, and can be download the session report as a text file when closing the live terminal session.

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