Large Upload (Generic)

Large Upload (Generic)
Analytics alert indicates that an endpoint is transferring an excessive amount of data to an external site.


1 hour
21 days
6 weeks
7 days
Traffic logs or Cortex XDR agent endpoint data
Varies by activity (High, Medium, or Low).


An endpoint is transferring an excessive amount of data to an external site using a protocol other than HTTP/s, FTP, or SMTP. (A specific detector is used for each of those protocols.) Cortex XDR Analytics assumes data transfers out of your network is ordinarily performed using one of those three services, so it expects that data transfers over all other ports to be low. For the same reason, Cortex XDR – Analytics also assumes endpoint traffic towards a specific destination should be about the same over long periods of time.

Attacker's Goals

Transfer data he has stolen from your network to a location that is convenient and useful to him.

Investigative Actions

  • Check if the traffic is caused by SSH as activity over that protocol can trigger this alert. It is possible that someone on your network is legitimately engaged in SSH activity.
  • Check if the traffic is to/from a misconfigured network.
  • Check if the traffic is to a new external service or server that has recently been adopted for use by an organization in your enterprise.
  • Identify the process/user performing the data transfer to determine if the transfer is sanctioned.

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