Manage Global BIOC Rules

Cortex XDR – Investigation and Response checks for the latest update of global BIOC rules. If there are no new global BIOC rules, the app displays a content status of Content up to date next to the BIOC rules table heading. A dot to the left of the rule name indicates a global BIOC rule. You can also view the optional Source column to see which rules are pushed by Palo Alto Networks.
  • Get the latest global BIOC rules.
    1. Navigate to RulesBIOC.
    2. To view the content details, hover over the status to show the global rules version number and last check date.
    3. The content status displays the date when the content was last updated, either automatically or manually by an administrator.
    4. If the status displays Could not check update, click the status to check for updates manually.
      The last updated date changes when the download is successful.
  • Copy a global BIOC rule.
    You cannot directly modify a global rule, but you can copy global rules as a template to create new rules.
  • Add an exception for a global BIOC rule.
    Although you cannot edit global rules, you can add exceptions to the rule.

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