Activate the Agent Proxy

The Agent Proxy is used for routing all the agent traffic via a centralized and controlled access point in your network. Each proxy on the broker VM can support up to 10,000 agents.
  1. In Cortex XDR, navigate to
    Cortex XDR
    table and locate your broker VM.
  2. Right-click, select
    Agent Proxy
  3. From Cortex XDR, Create an Agent Installation Package and download it to the endpoint.
    The Broker Service is supported with Traps agent version 5.0.9 and Traps agent version 6.1.2 and later releases.
  4. Run the installation package on each endpoint according to the endpoint OS. During installation you must configure the IP address of the broker VM and a port number. You can use the default 8888 port or set a custom port. See the Cortex XDR Agent Administrator’s Guide for installation instructions.
    You are not permitted to configure port numbers between 0-1024 and 63000-65000, or port numbers 4369, 5671, 5672, 5986, 6379, 8000, 9100, 15672, 25672. Additionally, you are not permitted to reuse port numbers you already assigned to the Syslog Collector applet.
  5. After a successful activation, the
    field displays the
    Agent Proxy- Active
  6. In the
    field, select
    Agent Proxy
    to view the agent proxy
  7. Manage the Agent Proxy.
    After the Agent Proxy has been activated, right-click you broker VM and select:
    • Agent Proxy
      to redefine the port.
    • Agent Proxy
      to disable the agent proxy.

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