Pair a Parent Tenant with Child Tenant

You can pair a parent tenant to child tenants as needed.
After you and your child tenants have acquired the appropriate role permissions, you can pair your tenant to your child tenants.
Parent and child tenants must be located in the same region, Cross-region pairing is not supported.

Pairing a Parent and Child Tenant

  1. In
    , select
    Tenant Management
    The Tenant Management table displays the:
    • Tenant Name
      —Name of the child tenant
    • Pairing Status
      —State of a pairing request;
    • Account Name
      —CSP account to which the child tenant is associated with
    • Last Sync
      —Timestamp of when parent tenant last made contact with child tenant
    • Managed Security Actions - a column for each security action with a status;
      configuration name
      . Unmanaged status means that a configuration for the security action has not yet been selected.
  2. + Pair Tenant
  3. In the
    Pair Tenant
    window, select the child tenant you want to pair. The drop-down only displays child tenants your are allowed to pair with.
    Child tenants are grouped according to:
    • Unpaired
      —Children that have not yet been paired and are available. If another parent has requested to pair with the child but the child has not yet agreed, the tenant will appear.
    • Paired
      —Children that have already been paired to this parent.
    • Paired with others
      —Children that have been paired with other parents.
    • Pending
      —Children with a pending pairing request.
  4. Pair the tenant.
    sends a
    Request for Pairing
    to the specified child tenant.
  5. In the child tenant
    console, a child tenant user with Admin role permissions needs to approve the pairing by navigating to , locate the
    Request for Pairing
    notification and select
  6. Verify the parent-child pairing.
    After pairing has been approved, in the child tenant’s
    app, when navigating to a page managed by a parent configuration, the child user is notified by a flag who is managing their security:
    In the child tenant’s, pages managed by you appear with a read-only banner. Child tenant users cannot perform any actions from these pages, but can view the configurations you create on their behalf.

Unpairing a Parent and Child Tenant

When you want to discontinue the pairing with a child tenant, in the
Tenant Management
page, right-click the tenant row and select
Request Unpairing
. For the unpairing to take effect, the child tenant must approve the request.
When a child wants to unpair, the child user needs to select
Settings ( )

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