Manage Dashboards

From the Cortex XDR management console, use the Dashboards Manager to view and manage your dashboards.
In the
console, navigate to
Dashboards & Reports
Dashboards Manager
to view all custom and default dashboards. From the Dashboards Manager, you can also delete, edit, duplicate, disable, and perform additional management actions on your dashboards.
To manage an existing dashboard, right click the dashboard and select the desired action.
  • Delete
    - Permanently delete a dashboard.
  • Edit
    - Edit an existing dashboard. You cannot edit the default dashboards provided by Palo Alto Networks, but you can save it as a new dashboard.
  • Save as new
    - Duplicate an existing template.
  • Disable
    - Temporarily disable a dashboard. If the dashboard is public, this dashboard is also removed for all users.
  • Set as default
    - Make the dashboard the default dashboard that displays when you (and other users, if the dashboard is public) log in to
  • Save as report template
    - Save a report as a template.

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