Broker VM Notifications

To help you monitor your broker VM version and connectivity effectively, Cortex XDR send notifications to your Cortex XDR console Notification Center.
Cortex XDR send the following notifications:
  • New Broker VM Version
    —Notifies when a new broker VM version has been released.
    • If the broker VM Auto Upgrade is disabled, the notification includes a link to the latest release information. It is recommend you upgrade to the latest version.
    • If the broker VM Auto Upgrade is enabled, 12 hours after the release you are notified of the latest upgrade, or your are notified that the upgrade failed. In such a case, open a Palo Alto Networks Support Ticket.
  • Broker VM Connectivity
    —Notifies when the broker VM has lost connectivity to Cortex XDR.
  • Broker VM Disk Usage
    —Notifies when the broker VM is utilizing over 90% of the allocated disk space.

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