Activate the Network Mapper

After you have configured and registered your broker VM, you can choose to activate the Network Mapper application.
The Network Mapper allows you to scan your network to detect and identify unmanaged hosts in your environment according to defined IP address ranges. The Network Mapper configurations are used to deploy the Pathfinder Data Collector on unmanaged endpoints and track and locate unmanaged assets that appear in theAssets table.
Activating the Network Mapper requires a Cortex XDR Pro per Endpoint or Cortex XDR Pro per TB license.
  1. In Cortex XDR, select
    Settings ( )
    Broker VM
    and locate your broker VM.
  2. Right-click and select
    Network Mapper
  3. In the
    Activate Network Mapper
    window, define the following parameters:
    • Scan Method
      —Select the either
      ICMP echo
      TCP SYN
      scan method to identify your network hosts. When selecting TCP SYN you can enter single ports and ranges together, for example
      80-83, 443
    • Scan Requests per Second
      —Define the maximum number of scan requests you want to send on your network per second. By default, the number of scan requests are defined as 1000.
      Each IP address range can receive multiple scan requests based on it's availability.
    • Scanning Scheduler
      —Define when you want to run the network mapper scan. You can select either daily, weekly, or monthly at a specific time.
    • Scanned Ranges
      —Select from the list of exiting IP address ranges to scan. Make sure to after each selection.
      IP address ranges are displayed according to what you defined as your Network Paramaters.
  4. Activate
    the applet.
    After a successful activation, the
    field displays
    Network Mapper- Active, Connected
  5. In the
    field, select
    Network Mapper
    to view the following scan and applet metrics:
    • Scan Details
      • Connectivity Status
        —Whether the applet is connected to Cortex XDR.
      • Scan Status
        —State of the scan.
      • Scan Start Time
        —Timestamp of when the scan started.
      • Scan Duration
        —Period of time in minutes and seconds the scan is running.
      • Scan Progress
        —How much of the scan has been completed in percentage and IP address ratio.
      • Detected Hosts
        —Number of hosts identified from within the IP address ranges.
      • Scan Rate
        —Number of IP addresses scanned per second.
    • Applet Metrics
      • Resources
        —Displays the amount of
        , and
        space the applet is using.
  6. Manage the Network Mapper.
    After the network mapper has been activated, right-click you broker VM and select:
    • Network Mapper
      to redefine the network mapper configurations.
    • Network Mapper
      Scan Now
      to initiate a scan.
    • Network Mapper
      to disable the network mapper.

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