Create a Broker VM QCOW2 Image

Learn how to create an QCOW2 file of your Cortex® XDR™ broker virtual machine (VM).
After you download your Cortex XDR Broker
image, you can covert the image to QCOW2. You will need a QCOW2 image for KVM-based hypervisors.
To convert the image:
  1. Install
    by running the following command on your local machine:
    • For Ubuntu or Debian, run
      apt install qemu-img
    • For CentOS or Red Hat, run
      yum install qemu-img
  2. Verify VMDK is in the supported files list by running the command:
    qemu-img -h | grep "Supported formats"
  3. Covert the VMDK image to QCOW2 by running the command:
    qemu-img convert -O qcow2 broker-vm-<version>.vmkd broker-vm-<version>.qcow2
  4. (
    ) Validate the Image by running the command:
    qemu-img check broker-vm-<version>.qcow2
    After a successful conversion, the message
    No errors were found on the image
    is displayed.

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