Install the XDR Collector on Windows Using the MSI

Learn how to install the Cortex® XDR Collector on Windows using the MSI.
Use the following workflow to install the XDR Collector using the MSI file.
Before completing this task, ensure that you create and download a XDR Collector installation package in Cortex XDR.
To install a XDR Collector installation package on Windows using the MSI.
When the package is executed using the MSI, an installation log is generated in
%TEMP%\MSI<Random characters>.log
by default.
  1. With Administrator level privileges, run the MSI file that you downloaded in Cortex XDR on the collector machine.
    The installer displays a welcome dialog.
  2. Click
  3. Select
    I accept the terms in the License Agreement
    and click
  4. Install
    the XDR Collector.
    The installer displays a User Account Control dialog.
  5. Click
  6. After you complete the installation, verify the Cortex XDR Collector can establish a connection.
    If the Cortex XDR Collector does not connect to Cortex XDR, verify your Internet connection on the collector machine. If the XDR Collector still does not connect, verify the installation package has not been removed from the Cortex XDR management console.

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