Upgrade XDR Collectors

You can upgrade the Cortex® XDR™ Collector software by using the appropriate method for the collector machine operating system.
After you install the Cortex® XDR™ Collector and the XDR Collector registers with Cortex XDR, you can upgrade the Cortex XDR Collector software for on-premise Windows or Linux collector machine. You need to create a new installation packages and push the Cortex XDR Collector package to up to 500 collector machines from Cortex XDR.
Upgrades are supported using actions which you can initiate from the
Action Center
XDR Collectors Administration
page as described in this workflow.
  1. Create a XDR Collector Installation Package for each operating system version that you want to upgrade the Cortex XDR Collector.
    Note the installation package names.
  2. Select
    XDR Collectors
    If needed, filter the list of on-premise collector machines. To reduce the number of results, use the collector machine name search and filters at the top of the page.
  3. Select the collector machines you want to upgrade.
    You can also select collector machines running different operating systems to upgrade the XDR Collectors at the same time.
  4. Right-click your selection and select
    Upgrade Collector version
    For each platform, select the name of the installation package you want to push to the selected on-premise collector machines.
    The Cortex XDR Collector keeps the name of the original installation package after every upgrade.
  5. Upgrade
    Cortex XDR distributes the installation package to the selected collector machine at the next heartbeat communication with the XDR Collector. To monitor the status of the upgrades, go to
    Action Center
    . From the
    Action Center
    you can also view additional information about the upgrade (right-click the action and select
    Additional data
    ) or cancel the upgrade (right-click the action and select
    Cancel Collector Upgrade

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