Move Cortex XDR Agents Between Managing XDR Servers

When needed, you can move Cortex XDR agents to other Cortex XDR managing servers.
You can move existing agents between Cortex XDR managing servers directly from the Cortex XDR management console. This can be useful during POCs or to better manage your agents allocation between tenants. When you change the server that manages the agent, the agent transfers to the new managing server as a freshly installed agent, without any data that was previously stored for it on the original managing server. After the Cortex XDR registers with the new server, it can no longer communicate with the previous one.
The following are prerequisites to enable you change the managing server of a Cortex XDR agent:
  • Ensure that you are running a Cortex XDR agent 7.2 or later release.
  • Ensure you have administrator privileges for Cortex XDR in the hub.
To register to another managing server, the Cortex XDR agent requires a distribution ID of an installation package on the target server in order to identify itself as a valid Cortex XDR agent. The agent must provide an ID of an installation package that matches the same operating system and for the same or a previous agent version. For example, if you want to move a Cortex XDR Agent 7.0.2 for Windows, you can select from the target managing server the ID of an installation package created for a Cortex XDR Agent 5.0.0 for Windows. The operating system version can be different.
To change the managing server of a Cortex XDR Agent:
  1. Obtain an installation package ID from the target managing server.
    1. Log in to Cortex XDR on the target management server, then navigate to
      Endpoint Management
      Agent Installations
    2. From the agent installations table, locate a valid installation package you can use to register the agent. Alternatively, you can create a new installation package if required.
    3. Right-click the ID field and copy the value. Save this value, you will need it later for the registration process. If the ID column is not displayed in the table, add it.
  2. Locate the Cortex XDR agent you want to move.
    Log in the current managing server of the Cortex XDR agent and navigate to
    Endpoint Management
    Endpoints Administration
  3. Change the managing server.
    1. Select one or more agents that you want to move to the target server.
    2. Right click + Alt to open the options menu in advanced mode, and select
      Endpoint Control
      Change managing server
      . This option is available only for an administrator in Cortex XDR and for Cortex XDR agent 7.2 and later releases.
    3. Enter the ID number of the installation package you obtained in Step 1. If you selected agents running on different operating systems, for example Windows and Linux, you must provide an ID for each operating system. When done, click
  4. Track the action.
    When you track the action in the
    Action Center
    , the original managing server will keep displaying
    In progress (Sent)
    status also after the action has ended successfully, since the agent no longer reports to this managing server. The new managing server will add this as a new agent registration action.

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