Set an Application Proxy for Cortex XDR Agents

This capability is supported on endpoints with Traps agent 5.0.9 (Windows only) or Cortex XDR agent 7.0 and later releases.
In environments where agents communicate with the Cortex XDR server through a wide-system proxy, you can now set an application-specific proxy for the Traps and Cortex XDR agent without affecting the communication of other applications on the endpoint. You can set the proxy in one of three ways: during the agent installation or after installation using Cytool on the endpoint or from
Endpoints Management
in Cortex XDR as described in this topic. You can assign up to five different proxy servers per agent. The proxy server the agent uses is selected randomly and with equal probability. If the communication between the agent and the Cortex XDR sever through the app-specific proxies fails, the agent resumes communication through the system-wide proxy defined on the endpoint. If that fails as well, the agent resumes communication with Cortex XDR directly.
  1. From Cortex XDR, select
    Endpoint Management
    Endpoint Administration
  2. If needed, filter the list of endpoints.
  3. Set an agent proxy.
    1. Select the row of the endpoint for which you want to set a proxy.
    2. Right-click the endpoint and select
      Endpoint Control
      Set Endpoint Proxy
    3. For each proxy, enter the IP address and port number. You can assign up to five different proxies per agent.
    4. Set
      when you’re done.
    5. If necessary, you can later
      Disable Endpoint Proxy
      from the right-click menu.
      When you disable the proxy configuration, all proxies associated with that agent are removed. The agent resumes communication with the Cortex XDR sever through the wide-system proxy if defined, otherwise if a wide-system is not defined the agent resumes communicating directly with the Cortex XDR server. If neither a wide-system proxy nor direct communication exist and you disable the proxy, the agent will disconnect from Cortex XDR.

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