Integrate Slack for Outbound Notifications

Cortex® XDR™ enables you to integrate the Slack messaging application for outbound notifications to be received by Slack recipients.
Integrate Cortex XDR app with your Slack workspace to better manage and highlight your Cortex XDR alerts and reports. By creating a Cortex XDR Slack channel, you ensure that defined Cortex XDR alerts are exposed on laptop and mobile devices using the Slack interface. Unlike email notifications, Slack channels are dedicated to spaces that you can use to contact specific members regrading your Cortex XR alerts.
To configure a Slack notification, you must first install and configure the Cortex XDR app on Slack.
  1. From Cortex XDR, select
    Settings ( )
    External Applications
  2. Select the provided link to install Cortex XDR on your Slack workspace.
    You are directed to the Slack browser to install the Cortex XDR app. You can only use this link to install Cortex XDR on Slack. Attempting to install from Slack marketplace will redirect you to Cortex XDR documentation.
  3. Click
    Upon successful installation, Cortex XDR displays the workspace to which you connected.
  4. After you integrate with your Slack workspace, you can configure your forwarding settings.

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