Manage a Child Tenant

Pairing a child tenant allows you to view and investigate the child tenant Cortex XDR data, and initiate security actions on their behalf.
In your Cortex XDR, you have access to view the following pages:
  • Incidents
  • Alerts
  • Query Builder
  • Query Center and Results
  • Causality View
  • Timeline View
To initiate security actions on your child tenant, you need to create a
. Security actions are managed by configurations you create in the Cortex XDR app and then assign to each of the child tenants. Each action requires it’s own configuration and allocation to a child tenant.
You can create configuration for the following actions:
  • BIOC Rules
  • Exclusions
  • Starred Alerts
  • Profiles
The following sections describe how to manage your child tenants.

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