Set up Managed Threat Hunting

Get started with the Managed Threat Hunting service, an add-on security service provided with Cortex XDR.
To get started with Managed Threat Hunting:
  1. Access the Cortex XDR app and approve the pairing request sent to your Cortex XDR tenant.
    1. Select and locate the
      Request for Pairing
    2. Select
      and then
      to confirm.
      After the request is approved, Cortex XDR displays the Managed Threat Hunting label at the top of the page.
  2. Configure notification emails for the impact reports and threat inquiries you want Cortex XDR to send.
    1. Select
      Settings ( )
      Managed Threat Hunting
    2. Enter one or more email addresses to which you want to send reports and inquires and
      each one.
    3. Save
      your changes.
  3. Ensure a successful set up by locating in your defined email address mailbox the
    Welcome to the Palo Alto Networks Cortex XDR Managed Threat Hunting Service
    email. If you did not receive such an email, contact your Palo Alto sales representative.
  4. (
    ) If desired, forward Managed Threat Hunting alerts to external sources such as email or slack from the
    Settings ( )
    This will forward both the alert itself and the detailed report in a PDF format.

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