Activate Cortex XDR

Use the Palo Alto Networks hub ( to activate your Cortex XDR app. This is a one-time task you’ll need to perform when you first start using Cortex XDR. Once you’ve activated the app—and completed all the steps to Cortex XDR Configuration Overview—you’ll only need to repeat the activation if you want to add additional app instances.
To activate the Cortex XDR app, you must be assigned the four required roles and have your Palo Alto Networks-provided authentication code ready as described in Everything You Need to Configure Cortex XDR. You must also have activated your Cortex Data Lake license and allocated quota for Cortex XDR.
  1. Log in to the Palo Alto Networks hub.
    Any Palo Alto Networks account user can log in to the hub; however, you must be assigned the appropriate roles to continue to activate the Cortex XDR app.
  2. Activate New App
  3. Enter the
    Auth Code
    that Palo Alto Networks provided with your Cortex XDR license and
  4. Provide details about the Cortex XDR app you’re activating.
    • Name Prefix
      —Give your Cortex XDR app instance an easily-recognizable name and optional
      . The hub uses the name prefix to create your app instance (for example
    • Traps Subdomain
      —Give your Traps instance an easy to recognize prefix.
    • Region
      —Select your region. This must be the same region in which the associated Cortex Data Lake instance is deployed.
    • Cortex Data Lake
      —Select the Cortex Data Lake instance that will provide the Cortex XDR apps with log data.
    • Directory Sync
      ) Select the Directory Sync Service instance that will provide the Cortex XDR app with Active Directory data. If you do not currently have a Directory Sync Service activated and configured for your account, you can add one at a later time.
    Agree and Activate
    and then wait for the activation to complete. It can take up to an hour to complete activation.
  5. Verify the status of your app.
    From the hub, click the gear icon next to your name and view the
    . When the app is available you will see a green check mark.
  6. Log in to your Cortex XDR app to confirm that you can successfully access the Cortex XDR app interface.

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