Value Delivered

The Cortex® Xpanse™ Cloud Monitoring Connector is a multi-purpose integration.
You can use this integration to:
  • Add context to cloud assets and exposures that are only available in AWS, such as instance ID and resource type.
  • Audit all publicly accessible AWS resources and any exposures on those resources.
  • Compare what you are already tracking in your known IaaS accounts with what Cortex Xpanse identifies independently. As part of attribution, when using the Expander AWS Cloud Connector, Expander pulls public resources from your AWS instances and then delineates between “AWS Identified” and “Cortex Xpanse Identified” cloud assets. Expander provides a great way to audit what you believe is running on AWS and what Cortex Xpanse finds on AWS. You’re still covered even without the AWS Cloud Connector since Cortex Xpanse still scans all AWS assets.
  • Take down or move rogue assets from unsanctioned to sanctioned AWS accounts.
  • Improve the visibility and effectiveness of security products that use APIs to build the asset list they monitor.

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