Generate an API Key in Cortex XDR

Before configuring the Cortex® XDR™ API connector in Cortex® Xpanse™, generate an API key in Cortex XDR.
Before configuring the Cortex® XDR™ API connector in Cortex Xpanse™, you must generate an API key in Cortex XDR. While generating the API key, gather the following information which will be required to create the API connector:
  • Cortex XDR API key
  • Cortex XDR API key ID
  • URL for your Cortex XDR instance
  1. Within Cortex XDR, click the gear icon in the top menu bar and select
  2. In the
    menu, select
    API Keys
    , which appears in the
  3. In the API Keys window, click the
    +New Key
    button to create a new API key.
    Generate API Key
    window will open.
  4. Select the
    Security Level.
  5. Select a role for the API key. The Cortex Xpanse integration with Cortex XDR requires a role with
    Endpoint Management
    permission under
    . After selecting the role, click
  6. After you’ve generated the key, copy the API key value presented and keep it secure.
  7. Return to the
    API Keys
    window, and select the API key you just generated. Click the
    Copy URL
    button to copy the URL for your Cortex XDR instance. Also make note of the API key
    , which appears in the API Keys table.
After completing these steps and collecting the relevant information, you are ready to create the Cortex XDR API connector in Cortex Xpanse.
For additional information about Cortex XDR APIs, refer to Get Started with Cortex XDR APIs.

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