Xpanse ServiceNow App Configuration

Cortex® Xpanse™ ServiceNow App is configured after installation.
Once you have installed the Cortex® Xpanse™ ServiceNow App, do the following to configure the App:
  1. In the
    Filter Navigator
    , search for
    Incident Mappings
    . There are mappings defined as defaults, but these can be changed by clicking on the underlined
    Exposure Level
    , modifying the mapping using the drop-down, and clicking
    . Unmapped exposure levels do not have an incident level defined.
  2. In the
    Filter Navigator
    , search for
    Event Types
    , and select
    Event Types
    . There are default values for which event types should trigger incidents. To change these default settings, simply click the event type, and select or clear the
    Create Incident
    checkbox. When finished, click
    to propagate the change. Updating this default setting affects future incident creation only. Incidents are not recorded for unmapped event types.
  3. In the
    Filter Navigator
    on the left pane, search for
    . Under the
    section, select
    Expander Properties
  4. Click the
    Expanse API Token
    field (listed as
    ) and under
    , specify the
    Expander API Bearer
    token. To complete this step, click
    at the top right of the window, saving your Expander API token for the ServiceNow integration to use when calling Expander APIs. This update kicks off the ingestion of Expander data to generate ServiceNow incidents.

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