Bulk Select

Cortex® Xpanse™ enables bulk selecting of assets.
Cortex® Xpanse™ provides the option to bulk select IP Ranges, Certificates,
Domains, Managed Cloud Resources, and Remote Attack Surface networks and devices
. The following task explains how to bulk select IP Ranges.
  1. Choose individual ranges by selecting the boxes next to the IP Ranges.
  2. To select all IP Ranges you’ve selected on this page or across all pages, click the drop-down marker next to the checkbox in the table header. You are presented with two options:
    • Select all on this page
    • Select items that match filters across all pages
      —This option lets you select a single set of assets from multiple pages in the
      List View
  3. Once you have selected a row or multiple rows via bulk select, there are two options to apply your changes:
    • Add Annotation
    • Remove Annotation

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