Workforce Network Detail View

Cortex® Xpanse™ provides a detailed view of each Network identified as part of your remote worker attack surface.
A Network is a collection of your Remote Devices that share a Public IP address, and is categorized as either Corporate or Remote depending on whether the Public IP address of the Network overlaps with any of your organization’s other assets. For more information about Cortex® Xpanse™ remote worker attack surface management, refer to Remote Attack Surface Overview. The
detail view provides the following information about each of your networks:
  • Activity Status Bar
    —indicates whether the asset is active or inactive, how many days it has been active or inactive, and the date range
  • Network Details
    —displays detailed information about the Network, such as the
    Public IP
    Network Type
    (if available), and
  • Related Services
    —indicates whether there are services running on the network, with a link to the list of services.
  • Related Issues
    —indicates whether there are issues related to the network, with a link to the list of issues.
  • Remote Devices
    —list of Remote Devices on the network.
  • Map
    —indicates the location of the Network.
  • Annotations
    —View or add tags, notes, and contacts to the Network record.

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