Create a Custom IP Range

Cortex® Xpanse™ provides the ability to create a custom IP address range in the IP Ranges assets tab.
Cortex Xpanse provides the ability to create custom IP address ranges on the
IP Ranges
tab under
and on IP Range detail view pages.
To create a custom IP range, click on
Create Custom Range
on the IP Ranges list view or detail view page. The application opens a
Custom Range Window
with the following options for creating a custom IP address range:
  • Custom Ranges
    —On the IP Ranges List View, Expanse provides the capability to create a custom range based on IP Address, number of IPs, and tags:
    • First IP
      —Specify a valid IP/CIDR. Please note that unlike with IP/CIDR searches, you may not use wildcard characters.
    • Last IP
      —Specify a valid IP Address. If you entered a CIDR in the First IP, Cortex Xpanse automatically calculates the Last IP.
    • Number of IPs
      —Cortex Xpanse automatically calculates the number of IPs.
  • Tags
    —Expander provides the option of selecting tags from its database. Click on the search bar, and Expander displays a list of all tags. Select the tag and then click
Once you click
, Cortex Xpanse adds a new Custom Range listing to the
IP Ranges List View
To differentiate between standard ranges and custom ranges, Cortex Xpanse denotes parent and subset custom ranges with an icon to the left of the First IP Address.
IP Range icon
IP Range icon definition
IP Range record with no custom ranges.
Parent IP range. Custom ranges created from this range appear directly below it in the list view.
User-defined Custom Range that is a subset of the Parent range above it in the list view.

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