Tag Coverage Section

Overview of Cortex® Xpanse™ Expander.
Tag Coverage
dashboard shows the change in the number of tags selected in the filter options over the past 30 days (count and percentage). The
Tag Coverage
dashboard provides specific information based on your tagging, for example the number of OnPrem IPs that have been validated or the number of OnPrem IPs in your manufacturing business unit have been validated.
With this dashboard, you quickly see which asset types (Domains, Certificates, and OnPrem IPs) experienced the most tagging changes. Note that by default the count and percentage is the number of assets with at least one tag.
However, if selecting one or more specific tags, then the table shows the number of assets with at least one of the specified tags. The only exception is
, which is not counted unless it is the only selection in the filter. To see how many assets are
, select only this option from the tag filter drop-down menu.

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