Requesting Changes to Your Organization's Issue Policies

Cortex® Xpanse™ Issues can be customized for your organization's specific needs and priorities.
The single most powerful feature of Cortex® Xpanse™ Issues is its ability to be customized for your organization's specific needs and priorities. Cortex Xpanse provides an in-product Policy module where users are able to:
  • Turn the Policy On or Off
    —Many Policies are turned on by default, but some are designed to be opt-in.
  • Change the default Priority
    —All Policies have an Cortex Xpanse-defined default
    setting of
    , or
    . Critical is never a Cortex Xpanse-defined default. You may request changes to these settings, including making
    the default
  • Set the default Assignee for all new Issue under a given Policy
    —Any Issue triggered by a
    can have automatic assignment to a Cortex Xpanse user. For more information about assigning Issues, see Assignee.
Additional Issue policy customization requests can be sent directly to your Engagement Manager. We are always interested in hearing what kinds of threats are relevant and most important to you.
Policies create Issues and we continually update this list of
Available Issue Policies
as we add additional detection capabilities to the platform. The intent of setting policies is to reduce risk associated with your attack surface.

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