Search for a Specific CVE ID

You can search for specific CVEs in Cortex Xpanse.
You can search for a CVE within the Services module of Cortex Xpanse only.
  1. Navigate to the Services tab.
  2. Enter the CVE ID in the search box.
    Be sure to use the complete CVE ID syntax in the format CVE-yyyy-xxxxx, where:
    • CVE
      is the CVE ID prefix.
    • yyyy is the calendar year when the CVE was issued.
    • xxxxx is a set of numeric digits. This field has a variable length, but the minimum is four digits.
    You can search for more than one CVE by entering the CVE IDs in the search box as a comma-delimited list.
    Cortex Xpanse will display the list of services that potentially have the Inferred CVE.
  3. Optionally, export the list of services by clicking
    Export CSV

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