Change User Permissions

Cortex Xpanse enables you to manage users and permissions.
Cortex Xpanse enables you to change user permissions and delete users through the web application. You must have
Manage Users
permission on your own user account in order to access the User Management window.
  1. In Cortex Xpanse
    click the Settings icon ( ) and then select
    User Management
    The list of users will display.
  2. To change a user’s permissions, click the ellipses ( ) associated with the user you want to edit and select
    Edit User
  3. Edit the permissions for the user.
    • Manage users
      —Permits a user to add users, delete users, and change user permissions.
    • Edit policy management settings
      —Permits a user to edit the policy settings on the Policies tab.
    • Create client credentials
      —Permits a user to create and revoke their own client credentials. See Expander APIs for more information.
    • Admin client credentials
      —Permits a user to view and revoke client credentials for all users in their group.
    Changes to permission settings take effect immediately.
  4. To delete the user from the system, click
    Delete User
    Delete User
    takes effect immediately, and the user will no longer be able to log in.

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