End-of-Life (EoL)

Reindex Databases in a Distributed Database Deployment

The following are the steps required to reindex databases in a distributed database deployment. The amount of time needed to reindex the databases depends on the amount of data in the databases.
  1. Log in to the app server and databases (main, node1, node2...) via SSH.
  2. Stop all Cortex XSOAR services in the following order: app server, node databases, main database.
    sudo service demisto stop
  3. Back up the index directory in each database.
    cp -r /var/lib/demisto/data/demistoidx /tmp/demistoidx
  4. Remove the index directory by running:
    rm -rf /var/lib/demisto/data/demistoidx
  5. Start the main database.
    sudo service demisto start
  6. When the main database is up, start the node databases.
    sudo service demisto start
  7. Start the app server.
    sudo service demisto start
  8. Verify that all of the remote databases are enabled.
    To enable remote database, go to
    Remote Database
    and select the checkbox for the remote database and click
    Enable Node

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