End-of-Life (EoL)

Install Cortex XSOAR Offline

Follow these instructions to install Cortex XSOAR when you do not have internet access.
These instructions apply when using the Cortex XSOAR installer script for installation with no internet connectivity. The dependencies might change across releases. Always verify that your yum repo packages are updated according to the dependecy list.
To install Cortex XSOAR without an internet connection, you need to download CentOS packages and Docker dependencies before you install Cortex XSOAR server.
Docker is used to run Python scripts in an isolated container.
  1. Create a local yum repo with the required dependencies for your deployment type.
  2. Download and install the Docker dependencies.
    1. In the Cortex XSOAR installer download link, append the link with
    2. Run the
      docker load -i <YOUR.DOCKER.FILE>.tar
      command from the Cortex XSOAR server machine.
    3. Verify that the local yum repository is properly configured before you run the Cortex XSOAR installer.
  3. Run the command for your deployment to install Cortex XSOAR.
    Deployment Type
    ./demistoserver-x.x-xxxxx.sh -- -tools=false -C
    Red Hat
    ./demistoserver-x.x-xxxxx.sh -- -tools=false
  4. Run the
    repoquery -a --installed
    command to verify that the required dependencies were successfully installed.

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