End-of-Life (EoL)

Move Data Folders to Another Location on the Server

Follow these steps to move the directories installed on the Cortex XSOAR server to another location.
<new path>
mark the base path to which to move the Cortex XSOAR server files.
Always use the
command with the
flag to retain the original file permissions.
Use the following commands to only move the data.
  1. Stop the Cortex XSOAR service.
    sudo service demisto stop
  2. Move
    <new path>
    cp -pfr /var/lib/demisto
    <new path>
  3. Add or modify keys by editing the existing
    Contents of the
    file are in JSON format and can hold additional data than what is shown in the example. In most cases, the existing
    file will not contain the necessary keys, such as
    { "Server":{ "HttpsPort":"443" }, "folders":{ "lib":"{new path}/var/lib/demisto" }, "DB":{ "DatabaseDir":"{new path}/var/lib/demisto/data", "IndexDir":"{new path}/var/lib/demisto/data" } }
  4. Start the Cortex XSOAR service using the appropriate command for your OS.
    sudo service demisto start
  5. (Optional)
    Verify that the process was performed successfully and remove the original directory

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