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Filter Objects Using the Set Command

filter playbook set
You can only filter top-level objects, not nested objects. To filter nested objects, you need to either Filter Objects Using a Transformer or add a top-level key by using the
command, which adds the nested context data to the top level. You can then create the filter.
For example, we have a number of URLs, and want to see only amazon.com. We need to add
to the top level key and then filter the context data for amazon.com.
  1. Add the nested context data to a top level key by typing the following command in the Playground:
    !set key=
    <data to add>
    <value of the data to add>
    For example, to filter URL data, type
    !set key=URLData value=$(URL.Data)
    . You can see that
    has been added to the top level:
  2. Create the filter in the
    Filters and transformers
  3. (
    ) Click
    to test the filter.

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