End-of-Life (EoL)

Map Azure Groups to Cortex XSOAR Roles

Follow these instructions to map Azure groups to Cortex XSOAR Roles
It is important that when you add the SAML role in Cortex XSOAR to map it to the
Object ID
in Azure.
  1. Go to
    Users & Roles
  2. Create or edit an existing role, as described in Define a Role.
  3. In the
    SAML Roles Mapping
    field, type the
    Object ID
    that appears in Azure.
    For example, in Azure, we created a group, called Cortex Admins. Note the Object ID below:
    Add the Object ID to the
    SAML Roles Mapping
    field in Cortex XSOAR:
  4. Click

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