End-of-Life (EoL)

Change the Administrator Password

details Create a new password for the administrator in Cortex XSOAR, if you are unable to log in.
Use this procedure when the administrator cannot log in and has forgotten the password. To change a password, you need to create a new administrator and then you can change the password for the current administrator.
You create the new administrator by creating a one-time configuration (OTC) file, in which you define the user configurations. After the file is saved, restart the Cortex XSOAR server. The OTC file is automatically deleted.
  1. Define a new administrator, by creating a
    file with content similar to the following.
    Ensure the file has
    { "users": [{ "username": "newadmin", "password": "veryStrongPassword!", "email": "admin@example.com", "phone": "+650-123456", "name": "New Admin Dude", "roles": { "demisto": [ "Administrator" ] } }] }
  2. Save the file and restart the Cortex XSOAR server by running the
    systemctl restart demisto
    The file is removed when Cortex XSOAR restarts.
  3. Log in to Cortex XSOAR by using the new administrator credentials, as created in step 1.
  4. Change the password for the current administrator and log out.
  5. Login to Cortex XSOAR using the current administrator credentials, including the new password.
  6. Remove the new administrator you created in step 1.

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