End-of-Life (EoL)

Default Admin

You can configure a user with an administrator role to be a default admin user. Default admin users are not counted as license users, cannot be deleted, and is also a tenant admin.
A default admin user has the following privileges:
  • Users and Roles
    • Change the role of users
    • View all users' invitations
    • View all users
    • Enable/disable other users
  • API Keys
    • Revoke all API keys
    • Create/update API keys for other users
  • Incidents
    • Change any incident field
    • Edit and view any incident
    • View audit log of incidents
  • Integrations - Trigger integration fetch command
  • Dashboards - Unshare/delete dashboards
  • Automation - Run any automation
  • Playbooks
    • Change playbook task assignees and complete an task
    • View all scripts/playbooks/all data
  • Multi-tenant - View all multi-tenant tenants
  • File Entries - Delete files entries from the file system.
  1. Go to
    Users and Roles
  2. Select a user who has an Administrator role and click
  3. Select
    Set as Default Admin
    and click

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