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Add Propagation Labels to Content

Propagation labels are the method by which content is synced from the master account to tenant accounts.
You can add propagation labels when creating a new content item or when editing an existing item.
The default propagation label for all content items is
We recommend that you first apply propagation labels to your tenant accounts and then add the corresponding labels to the content items that you want to sync to the tenants.
The following content items support propagation labels:
  • Playbooks
  • Scripts
  • Integrations
  • Indicator fields
  • Incident fields
  • Evidence fields
  • Indicator types
  • Incident types
  • Pre-process rules
  • Widgets
  • Dashboards
When you apply propagation labels to an integration, you need to apply the propagation label on the instance and the integration itself.
  1. Go to the content item that you want to add a propagation label to.
  2. In the
    Propagation Labels
    field add the relevant labels.
    • Select an existing label.
    • Type a new label and press
      . The label is immediately available to select in the platform.
    • Keep the
      label to sync this content item to all tenant accounts.

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