End-of-Life (EoL)

Manage Content Overview

Content is pushed from the master account to tenant accounts by applying corresponding propagation labels to content and tenant accounts.
In order for a content item to be synced to a tenant account, both the content and tenant account must have the same propagation label.
For example, if you want Playbook ABC to sync to Tenant 123, they both need to have the same propagation label, such as
The default label for content items is
, which means that the content item will be synced to all tenant accounts.

Propagation labels

There are several types of propagation labels that you can use for syncing content to tenant accounts.
  • All
    : Content items with the label
    will be synced to all tenants, whether or not the tenants have labels. This is the default label for content items.
  • Custom
    : You can add custom labels by typing a label name in the
    Propagation Label
    field when adding or editing a content item or a tenant.
  • None
    : If a content item does not have any labels, it will not be synced to any tenants. If a tenant does not have any labels, only content items with the
    propagation label will sync to it.
We recommend that you first apply propagation labels to your tenant accounts and then add the corresponding labels to the content items that you want to sync to the tenants.

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