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Edit and Push Content to a Remote Repository

dev-prod dev prod remote repository repoFollow these instructions to push content to a contentrepository and learn how to control access for pushing content.
Once you develop your content, for it to be available as part of a content update for the production environment, you must push the changes to the remote repository.
You should not manually push content to the remote repository. Use only the procedures outlined in the documentation to ensure that your content is properly updated in the production environment
You can save version and manage revisions locally using the Save Version button. Alternatively, you can click and save the changes.
These options are only available for the following content types:
  • Automations
  • Playbooks
  • Integrations
  • Classifications
  • Layouts
  • Reports
  • Dashboards
For all other content types, your changes are automatically saved to the local changes.
  1. Push Content to Remote Repository
    1. Navigate to
      Local Changes
      The available content changes are shown.
    2. Select the changes that you want to push to the remote repository, and click
      When using remote repositories in a multi-tenant environment, the main account uses propagation labels to distribute content to accounts. These labels must come with the content that is being pushed from the development environment. When editing your content in the development environment, keep in mind that you must also add propagation labels as part of the editing.
  2. Control Access for Pushing Content
    1. Navigate to
      Server Configuration
    2. Click
      Add Configuration
    3. Under key, enter
    4. Under value, enter
    5. Click

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