End-of-Life (EoL)

Minor Releases

Cortex XSOAR 5.5 (B94592)

Cortex XSOAR 5.5 (B94592) is a maintenance release that implements code improvements to address the recently announced CVEs in Golang's XML parser that compromised the security of SAML authentication. For additional information about the vulnerabilities, read the following CVE advisories.
Installation file hash
: f3735990c923d9a4f358cd97d513b6b41cb4dfa9abdef64de2d56f46682e8d97

Cortex XSOAR 5.5 (B78518)

Cortex XSOAR 5.5 (B78518) is a maintenance release that delivers a bug fix.
Fixed Issue
When a server restart occurs and incidents are being pushed into Cortex XSOAR via the API using Splunk app, Prisma Cloud, Sumo Logic, or AWS SNS before the Cortex XSOAR service is fully operational, the incoming incidents might corrupt existing incident data.

Cortex XSOAR 5.5 (B75211)

Cortex XSOAR 5.5 (B75211) is a maintenance release that delivers bug fixes and provides usability enhancements.
Fixed Issues
  • When sorting an SLA or Timer field by the total open duration, the sorting did not function properly.
  • When indexing the database, the server crashed.
  • When navigating to the Work Plan, an Internal Server error occurred.
  • When searching for incidents, the search function did not return results.
  • When an incident was reopened, after navigating through tabs or making changes to the incident, there were multiple entries in the War Room for reopening the incident.
  • Login credentials were available in the dev tools of the browser.
  • (Multi-tenant)
    You could not save lists when in a tenant account.
  • (Multi-tenant)
    When entering a comment in the
    page or
    Quick View
    window, the comment was not saved.
  • (Multi-tenant)
    When logging in to the Master account and navigating to the Dashboard, an error occurred.
  • (Multi-tenant)
    After syncing dashboards from the Master account to a tenant, the dashboard could not be deleted from the tenant.

Cortex XSOAR 5.5 (B73387)

Cortex XSOAR 5.5 (B73387) is a maintenance release that delivers bug fixes and provides usability enhancements.
Fixed Issues
  • When running the setIncident command for multi-select fields, the new value was added instead of overwriting the current value.
  • An error was raised when running the enrichIndicators command in a remote repository configuration.
  • When migrating indicators to Elasticsearch using the migration tool, a tenant folder was created in non-mulit-tenant environments.
  • When applying a tag to the result of a conditional task, the tag was not applied.
  • Upgrading an engine failed because the
    file did not exist.
  • Indicators in the Markdown link did not display as expected.
  • When the value of a single-select field for an indicator was changed, the value was not updated and displayed in the
    Edit Indicator
  • In PDF reports, words overlapped and the legend with the graph details appeared inside the graph instead of outside of it.
  • (Multi-tenant)
    Dashboard widgets that contained the same data displayed different results on the master and tenant dashboards.
  • (Multi-tenant)
    When content was modified in the master account and pushed to tenants, an error message was displayed for users in the tenant accounts.
  • Cortex XSOAR now supports developing incremental feeds. This means that only new or changed indicators are sent to XSOAR on every fetch.
  • You can now customize the color palette and color names for chart widgets.
  • Added a download icon for all report templates.
  • Added the
    server configuration, which enables you to specify which integration instance to use to execute commands in playbook tasks. When set to
    , only integration instances that do not have the
    Do not use by default
    checkbox selected will be used to execute the command. If the playbook task specifies an integration instance with the
    argument, only the specified integration instance will be used.
  • Added the
    command, which you can run to start investigating an incident.
  • Improved execution of playbook tasks.

Cortex XSOAR 5.5 (B70066)

Cortex XSOAR 5.5 (B70066)is a maintenance release that delivers bug fixes and provides usability enhancements.
Fixed Issues
  • When a CRON job was saved in a different timezone than the Cortex XSOAR server, the job ran an incorrect number of times.
  • After running the tool that migrates indicators to Elasticsearch, indicators were not created in the ES index.
  • When working in a multi-tenant environment with a lot of tenants, there were some performance issues.
  • After submitting an Ask response,
    The form was not found
    message appeared even though the response was recorded correctly in the playbook.
  • When re-fetching indicators from a feed, encrypted parameters disappeared and the fetch request failed.
  • Comments that were added when a file was uploaded to the War Room were no longer visible.
  • Documentation searches from within Cortex XSOAR did not returning any results.
  • (Multi-tenant)
    When an incident was clicked from the master account, the incident information did not load.
  • Upgrading to Cortex XSOAR v5.5 took a long time.
  • Single-line tables were not displaying properly in the
  • When indicators had a large number of related incidents, there were performance issues.
  • Fixed several issues with the way reports handled and displayed Markdown.
  • You can now filter incidents or create widgets that display data for the last 7 calendar days.

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