End-of-Life (EoL)

Share and Unshare a Dashboard

home dashboard Follow these steps to share and unshare a dashboard with other users.
You can share dashboards with all users in your organization. Only the user that shares the dashboard has permission to stop sharing (unshare) the dashboard. You can share dashboards if you have changed a default dashboard or created a new one. Users have the option to add and remove the shared dashboard from their dashboard view. While system dashboards can not be shared, you can duplicate a system dashboard and share the copy.
  1. Go to the dashboard you want to share/unshare.
  2. To share a dashboard:
    1. Select
      gear button
    2. To add the shared dashboard, from the home page select
      Add dashboard
      and select the dashboard you want to add.
  3. To unshare a dashboard, from the drop down list, click
  4. To remove a shared dashboard, select
    gear icon

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