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Configure a Live Backup for a Distributed Database Overview

Live Backup for distributed database environments enables you to mirror your active database servers to passive servers, and, in a disaster recovery scenario, easily convert your passive servers to the active database servers.
Live Backup only backs up the database servers. As no information is stored on the application servers, there is no need to back those up. In the event that an application server fails, you can install another application server.
Server actions are mirrored in real-time. There may be pending actions due to high server load, connectivity issues, and so on. Note the following:
  • Live Backup uses a single active server and a single standby server.
  • Active / Active configuration is not currently supported.
  • Each host retains its own distinct IP address and hostname.
  • Neither host has any awareness of which node is truly active. Therefore, failover is not dynamic, meaning that making a node active must be done manually, by an administrator.
In the event of a server failover, engines dynamically reconnect to the active host.
As the process of making a Cortex XSOAR server active is a manual process, it is conceivable that two servers could be active simultaneously. You must avoid this scenario because both hosts collect and work on potentially the same security incidents, which could possibly lead to the following:
  • Incident duplication.
  • A higher load on your integration endpoints.
  • Possible significant database inconsistencies due to duplication of internal identifiers being shared between nodes and causing existing incidents to be overwritten.
If there is ever uncertainty about whether a host that is presently down or stopped was in an active state before it went offline, it is recommended that you put the presently active node into a standby state before starting the Cortex XSOAR service on the other host. You can then make it active again after you have confirmed whether the host you are starting is already in active mode.

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