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Troubleshoot Cortex XSOAR Engines

Troubleshoot Cortex XSOAR engines by accessing logs.
When troubleshooting Cortex XSOAR engines, access the logs from
and select the engine from which you want to download the logs.
Debug Engines
field appears whenever a Cortex XSOAR engine is running. The
field contains information necessary for your customer success team to debug any engine related issue. The field displays any error, as well as noting whether the engine is connected.
Engine Errors
These are some common Cortex XSOAR engine errors.
443 Error
This error might occur when a connection is established between an engine and the Cortex XSOAR server, because, by default, Linux does not allow processes to listen on low-level ports.
Error Message
listen tcp :443: bind: permission denied
  • In the
    file, change the port number to a higher one, for example, 8443.
  • Run this command:
    s**udo setcap CAP_NET_BIND_SERVICE=+eip /path/to/binary
    . After running this command the server should be able to bind to low-numbered ports.

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