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Troubleshoot Engine Import Error or Invalid Syntax Error

Engine Troubleshoot import error or invalid syntax error
When running an integration on an engine, the most common errors are:
  • "Broken Pipe"
  • “ImportError: No module named...”
  • “Invalid syntax”
These errors could indicate that the engine is not using Docker.
  1. Use SSH to access the engine server.
  2. Make sure Docker is healthy.
    1. Ensure that Docker is installed and is running.
      sudo systemctl status docker
      If the Docker status is not good, restart your Docker.
      sudo systemctl restart docker
    2. Ensure Docker can run a container.
      sudo docker run hello-world
      If this fails, reinstall your Docker.
  3. Access the d1.conf file on the engine server.
    sudo vi /usr/local/demisto/d1.conf
  4. Add the
    "python.engine.docker": true
    configuration to the d1.conf file and remove any other configurations related to python and Docker, such as “python.executable.no.docker”.
  5. Restart the system on the engine server.
    sudo systemctl restart d1
  6. Retest the integration from the user interface. This may take a few minutes since it may need to pull the relevant Docker image.

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