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Install a Signed Engine

secure engine
Some systems require a signed RPM file for installation. If you need a signed RPM file for installing an engine, you need to download the engine file from the download server.
When you download Cortex XSOAR for the first time, you are sent a link to the download server. The download server includes a signed Cortex XSOAR installation file and a signed engine file. If you do not have a link to download the engine, contact Cortex XSOAR support.
If you do not need a signed engine, follow the procedure in Install a Cortex XSOAR Engine. After you download and install the signed engine, you need to replace the conf file by creating an engine from the Cortex XSOAR server.
  1. Download the signed engine file from the link you received from Cortex XSOAR support by running the following command.
    wget --content-disposition ‘
    <download link>
    You can use the original URL that was sent to you when installing Cortex XSOAR, by replacing the
    value with
    . For example:
    wget --content-disposition 'https://download.demisto.com/download-params?token=aBCiXjNoSSxy&email=user@demisto.com&downloadName=1578666_signed_engine_rpm&eula=accept'
    To find the build number, go to
    The signed engine file downloads and you should receive the following confirmation message similar to the following:
    ‘signed_d1_d1_signed-6.2_1578666-1.x86_64.rpm’ saved
  2. Install the signed RPM file on the machine where you want to install the engine, by running the following command.
    rpm -i
    For example,
    rpm -i signed_d1_d1_signed-6.2_1578666-1.x86_64.rpm
  3. In Cortex XSOAR, create a configuration file.
    1. Select
      Create New Engine
    2. Type a meaningful name for the engine.
      The name does not have to match the engine you downloaded in step 1.
    3. In the Installer type field, select
    4. Click
      Create New Engine
  4. In the machine you installed the signed RPM file, replace the file
    file with the file you created in step 3.
  5. Restart the D1 service.

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