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Run the Engine as a Service on Windows

engine windows
You can run the engine as a service on Windows machines. In this procedure we use NSSM, which is a free utility that manages background services and processes.
You can configure the Run Registry Keys instead of using the NSSM utility.
Before you begin, install the engine using the zip file on the required machine.
  1. Download the latest NSSM zip file by going to http://nssm.cc/download.
  2. Unzip the file and move the contents to the same directory where you installed the engine.
  3. Open a command prompt as an administrator and type the following command:
    .\nssm.exe install d1engine
    Ensure that the
    exe file is in the same directory as the engine you want to run.
    The NSSM service installer appears.
  4. In the
    Application Path
    , browse to the engine file.
    The engine file is called
    . The
    Startup directory
    is automatically populated (where the .conf and .log files are located).
  5. Click
    Install service
    A message appears confirming that service was installed.
  6. Start the service, by typing the following command:
    .\nssm.exe start d1engine
    Confirmation appears that the engine started successfully.
  7. (
    ) Go to the
    Task Manager
    and check that the service is running.
  8. (
    ) To stop the service, type the following command:
    .\nssm.exe stop d1engine
  9. (
    ) To remove the service, type the following command:
    .\nssm.exe remove d1engine confirm

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