End-of-Life (EoL)

Create a Grid Field for an Incident Type

Follow these instructions to create custom incident grid fields.
The grid field enables you to view and edit a table when adding it to an incident. You can create a grid field and add it to an incident type.
  1. Select
    + New Field
  2. From the
    New Incident Field
    window, in the
    Field Type
    field, from the drop down list, select
    Grid (table)
  3. Complete the following parameters:
    Field Name
    A meaningful name for the grid field.
    ) A brief descriptive message that explains what the field is and how to use it.
    User can add rows
    ) Enables users to add/remove rows in the grid.
  4. In the
    tab, add or remove the required rows and columns.
    How you design the grid determines how it appears to users. If
    users can add rows
    , they can add rows, but not columns.
  5. Configure each column by selecting the required field types, such as short text, boolean, URL, etc, for each column.
    For example, we want to define three mandatory columns: Name, Location, and Date. If you select the Lock checkbox, the value for that field is static (not editable). If you do not select the Lock checkbox (default), users can perform in-line editing.
  6. In the
    tab, add the attribute parameters.
    For example, we have added the
    script and made the field available to Access, Malware, and Network incident types.
  7. Click

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