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Troubleshoot Closing Case Incident after Changing Field Type

After deleting a field of type Grid (table) and creating/installing a new field of another type (string, long text, etc.), the following error occurs when trying to close or update an incident:
Cannot convert type []interface {} of '[map[] map[]]' to type string, field: sourceip (8902)
This error occurs if you create a field of type table/grid and associate it with an incident type. You then create an incident with that field. Now you delete that table/grid field and create/install a new field with the same name but associate it with a different type (such as short text). When you try to close the incident that has that field, the error occurs. This error can occur with other field type changes if the fields are not of compatible types such as changing the type from long text to boolean or URL to short text.
To resolve this issue, perform the steps in the following procedure.
  1. Go to
    Incident Types
  2. Select the incident type that contains the changed field.
  3. Click
    Edit Layouts
  4. Click
    “Close” Form
    if you want to close the incident or
    “New”/”Edit” Form
    if you want to edit the incident.
  5. Add the field you changed to the form.
  6. Save the form.
  7. Go to the
    page and click the incident.
  8. Click
    Close Incident
    if you want to close the incident or
    if you want to edit the incident.
  9. In the Custom Field area, reset (delete) the value for the field you changed.
  10. Click
    Close Incident
    Update Incident

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