End-of-Life (EoL)

Create a To-Do Task

incidents Follow these instructions to create a To-Do Task in the Case tab or Incident Tasks window.
You can create To-Do tasks directly in the incident from either the Case (Incident) Info tab or the
Incident Tasks
window. You can also create To Do Tasks using the command line.
  1. From the incident, click and then click
    Incident Task
  2. In the
    Incident Tasks
    window, click the
    To Do Tasks
    You can also add To Do Tasks from the Case (Incident) Info tab if you have customized the incident to include To Do tasks.
  3. Click
    Add a task
  4. Add the
    Task Details
    as required:
    Task Name
    A meaningful name for the task (mandatory).
    Task Description
    A meaningful description for the task that provides sufficient information for the assignee to complete the task.
    The user to assign to the task. You can only assign a single user per task.
    Set due date
    The due date for the task. If the task is not completed by this date, it is marked as overdue but is not a roadblock for the investigation.
    Tag the result with
    Tags to apply to the To-Do task.
  5. Click
    If you have customize the incident, you can see the
    To Do Tasks
    from the Case (Incident) Info tab.

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