End-of-Life (EoL)

Auto Populate the Canvas

Automatically populate the investigation canvas to view related incidents.
Cortex XSOAR can automatically populate the Canvas with related entities using machine learning. If your canvas is already populated, auto populating it deletes all of the existing content.
  1. Go to the
    tab of the incident you are investigating and click
    Auto populate
  2. If you want to customize the canvas, click
    and select the following:
    • If, and how many, related incidents appear.
    • The maximum distance over which items are included in the canvas in the
      Similarity Max Distance
      By default the distance is set to 0.8. The closer the score is to 1, the less related they are to the incident.
    • Linked incidents
    • Bad and suspicious common indicators
    • Configure the threshold above which an indicator is ignored in the
      Indicators Ignore Threshold
  3. Click
    Auto populate
    The closer an entity appears to the center, the more closely related it is to the investigated incident.

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