End-of-Life (EoL)

Post Processing for Incidents

You can create post-processing rules when creating a script.
After you remedy an incident, you may want to perform additional actions on the incident, such as closing a ticket in a ticketing system or sending out an email. You can create a post-processing script to cover these scenarios.
If a post-processing script returns an error, the incident does not close.
Arguments Exposed in the Post-Processing Script
These arguments are exposed in the post-processing script:
  • closed
    (closed time)
  • status
  • openDuration
  • closeNotes
  • closingUserId
    Contains the username of user who closed the incident or
    if the incident was closed by DBot (for example, through a playbook).
  • Custom fields are set at closure either explicitly (through the CLI) or implicitly (through Cortex XSOAR).

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